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Wilbert “Ed the Cuban Guy” Fonseca grew up in Havana, Cuba near the crystal blue Caribbean Sea. He studied law at the University of Havana and became a lawyer in 1996. His main focus in law was Private and Public Company Law.

In 2006, Wilbert decided to move to the United States to be with his father in Louisville, Kentucky. Less than two weeks later, he enrolled at the University of Louisville and earned a bachelor’s degree in Law, and upon further study, a Masters of Business Administration in 2010.

Following college, Wilbert sought and obtained employment at Trillium Industries until it dissolved, after which he then relocated to United Parcel Service. While working full time at UPS he began studying and learning about Real Estate, utilizing any free time he had to gain knowledge on the subject. In 2012, he quit his job at UPS and devoted 100% of his time to Real Estate.

Wilbert began his career by purchasing fixer uppers and selling them to owner occupied buyers, and discovered very quickly that this was what he loved to do. It was no longer a job; it was a passion. He went on to purchase and sell several additional properties, and after some time, expanded his business plan to start including rental properties and building wealth.

He has become a Buying Machine.

In 2015, Wilbert “Ed the Cuban Guy” Fonseca decided it was time to start giving back to the people what knowledge was given to him by holding conferences throughout the United States and teaching different strategies to Real Estate Investors.

Presently, he is teaching personal development and helping others to create habits and build discipline to succeed in life. When Wilbert came to the United States, he did not know any English, but as an individual who prefers to view obstacles as challenges to be conquered, he quickly overcame this inability and continued working hard to reach his objectives and dreams.

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"Ed is a mover and shaker who is wise beyond his years."

- Larry Harbolt


"Ed has taken knowledge and put it into action to become an unstoppable Human Being.  "

- Marshall Sylver


Ed is Honest, hard-working, experienced, and an outstanding person.  I recommend him for anyone interested in learning to Live their life by their own design. 

- Harry Borders 


"Absolutely Amazing to see all Ed's achievements in both life and business.  He blends both into his daily fun-filled lifestyle while showing others to do the same.  Good Morning Universe!!"                  -  Mike Butler


"Ed the Cuban Guy is my mentor.  I was able to spend a week with Ed in Mexico. The most amazing experience of my life. "

- Brayand Ponciano

"Ed's One on One event changed my life forever."

– Elizabeth

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