"You have been very blessed with an immeasurable power to make a positive change in your life."

- Ed the Cuban Guy


Wilbert, “Ed the Cuban Guy”, Fonseca was born in Havana, Cuba, near the crystal blue Caribbean Sea. Wilbert is fluent in English, as well as Spanish.    


Wilbert “Ed the Cuban Guy” Fonseca studied law at the University of Havana and became a lawyer in July 1996.  His main focus in law was Private and Public Company Law.  Later that year in November, Wilbert’s father moved with his family to the United States.  In December 2002, Wilbert’s younger sister was brutally murdered in the United States. The next 4 years were very troubling for the family.  

In 2006, Wilbert, “Ed the Cuban Guy”, Fonseca decided to move to the United States to be with his dad in Louisville, Kentucky.

Looking back over that time, it is amazing to see all the obstacles and struggles that he faced. He did not know how to speak the language, no understanding of the culture, and no knowledge of how the system worked. He did not even know how to use a credit card. He remembers the first day he had to take his son to school. No one spoke Spanish. There was very minimal communication with the school and the personnel. They wanted him to put his son on a bus and Wilbert was not allowed to go with him. Society felt this was acceptable. Of Course, this did not go over well and he ended up following the bus to the school so he knew where his son was located.  

Within two weeks of being in the United States he started school at the University of Louisville and later graduated with a Bachelor with a Major in Law.  He continued his studies and obtained his Masters of Business Administration in 2010.  

Wilbert “Ed the Cuban Guy” Fonseca obtained employment at Trillium industries.  He talks about how he had to communicate by colors. He was proficient with Microsoft Excel; however, communicating that information in English was a challenge. He ended up using colors to translate information for the company. Wilbert always found a way to get what needed to be done. With a lot of patience and persistence he always prevails.  Later on Trillium dissolved and he found himself learning more about the American system than he ever wanted – unemployment.  Luckily at this point he had made some American friends that were able to help him learn the system and fill out paperwork.  He never threw in the towel for he had rent to pay, a car payment, a son to feed, and bills to pay.   He learned a little bit about wholesaling products at a local grocery store until one day he was hired by United Parcel Service. During this time, the trauma of his sister’s death had finally taken its toll on his step mother and she passed away.  Shortly after, his father became very ill with cancer.

His father was hospitalized for 4 months.  Wilbert spent day in and day out with his father.  They spent many days and nights talking about Wilbert Dreams of owning pieces of the planet which came from Wilbert’s favorite book as a child “The Little Prince”. 

Mr. Fonseca was against Wilbert getting into the real estate world. His father wanted him to be like the “old school American” Go to school, get a job, and retire with a 401K pension plan.  Wilbert knew this was not the road that was chosen for him. He began studying and learning about Real Estate in his free time after working his full time job. In 2012, Wilbert’s Father Passed away.  In Lieu of his father wishes Wilbert quit his job at UPS and completely devoted 100% of his time to Real Estate. He began his career in real estate by purchasing fixer uppers and flipping them to owner occupied buyers.  

Wilbert “Ed the Cuban Guy” Fonseca discovered very quickly that this was what he loved to do. It was no longer a job, it was a passion.   He went on to purchase many properties and flipping them to buyers.  After some time, he expanded his business plan to start including rental properties and start building wealth. At this time, he has become a buying machine. 


In 2015, Wilbert “Ed the Cuban Guy” Fonseca decided it was time to start giving back to the people what knowledge was given to him by holding conferences throughout the United States and teaching different strategies to real estate investors.  

On January 1, 2016 Wilbert received a phone call from Cuba.  His mother had stopped breathing and his sister was giving CPR until they could implant a pacemaker. He couldn’t seem to catch a break. Of course, Wilbert flew on the next flight to Cuba to be with his mother. The good thing is the months previous; he had begun studying Health and eating habits. So when he got to Cuba he was able to implement a new eating regimen for his mother to clean the 3- 100% clogged arteries. Within 8 weeks the doctors ran test over and over again, the arteries were clear. No more problems.  His mom was able to go from 28 pills a day to zero!

During this time of working hard in Real Estate, taking care of his mother, and traveling back and forth to the US 9 times in one year, he remembers looking back at his Father and Stepmom and thinking this is not the life he wanted to live. They never enjoyed their life. He knew he had to make some adjustment in his future plans and start planning his life the way he wanted to live. (Living Life by his own Design)  He wanted his mother to live and enjoy life as well. So he started to put his new plan into action.  

Nowadays, he is teaching personal and business development. Wilbert is helping others to create habits and discipline to reach their success in life and live their own life by their own design. Following the book, The Little Prince by making others dreams come true.  He has become a generous philanthropist.  

Dr. Phil Show --- Season 20 Episodes 106 & 107

Ed the Cuban Guys Photos were used without his permission.  Click the link to watch these videos.  

Season 20 Episode 106 (Part 1) Season 20 Episode 107 (Part 2)

Left to Right: Denny Butler (Kentucky House of Representative), Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, Nathan Cryder, Mayor Greg Fischer, Greg Chaney, Arch Bishop Peña, Kentucky US Representative John Yarmouth, Ambassador Shabazz, Mike Butler, Clyde Nelson, Larry Harbolt, Jimmy Napier,  Armando Montelongo, Kent Clothier, Dr Wallach, Marshall Sylver, Richard Flint, Jay Turner, Pete Fortunato, Larry Harbolt, Harry Borders, Dr. Phil


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